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  1. SLEEP

    The intelligent sleep aid with melatonin

    • With 1 mg of melatonin to help you fall asleep faster
    • Natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives
    • Melatonin can relieve feelings of jet lag
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    Mastering daily challenges with ease

    • FOCUS with vitamin B5 to capture the essence
    • MOOD with all building blocks for serotonin production
    • SLEEP with 1 mg melatonin to fall asleep faster
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Better sleep and regeneration are inextricably linked

You want to go to bed at the end of a long and successful day without thinking about the outstanding to-dos? Are you fed up with counting sheep, because you've already reached the end of the scale? Then choose performance food from BRAINEFFECT. Our products support you with their sophisticated composition during the day and at night.

No regeneration without sleep

As a high performer you demand a lot from your body. After all, you want to push your limits and get everything out of you. But those who work hard like you also need breaks in between to process all the information and recover mentally and physically.

The quantity of sleep you actually need for optimal regeneration is a highly individual matter. There is no general recommendation that applies to everyone. The quality of your sleep is also crucial. This depends largely on the number of deep and REM sleep cycles. Sleeping and regenerating properly is therefore the wish of many athletes and high performers.

Better sleep with the melatonin products from BRAINEFFECT

In the evening, when it gets dark outside, the body can produce the natural sleep hormone melatonin even in the pituitary gland (hypophysis). However, lifestyle factors such as the exposure to blue light in the evening can result in not getting the level of melatonin that you need to fall asleep quickly. This has also be shown in different studies [1]. Here is where our SLEEP products come in.

Both SLEEP and SLEEP SPRAY contain the natural sleep hormone melatonin. If you take 1 mg of it, it can have a supportive effect, as melatonin significantly reduces the time to fall asleep. So you start the following day rested and full of energy. All you have to do is choose your favourite dosage form.

[1] Harvard Health Publishing (2012) Harvard Mental Health Letter. Blue light has a dark side.