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Natural ingredients for your mental focus

The BrainEffect power formula of plant extracts and micronutrients improves your mental performance and supports brain activity. We focus 100% on nature. Learn about the natural ingredients in our products and how they can help you to achieve your goals.

Our products for your goals

  1. Enhance your concentration with BrainEffect premium

    Boosts your performance for job & everyday life.

  2. Enhance your concentration with BrainEffect rapid

    The natural liquid energy boost from drinking ampoules.

  3. Concentration boost with BrainEffect academy

    Mental power for school & studies.

Why more than 25,000 customers use BrainEffect

  • concentration boost

    I take BrainEffect rapid because success, for me, is something that starts in your head!

    Ingo Kurda, Specialist Regulatory Affairs Deutsche Börse
  • Brain Effect concentration

    I am very interested in healthy nutrition and am therefore enthusiastic about the natural ingredients of BrainEffect."

    Annabel Kohlmeier actress & natural health professional
  • Customer concentration

    I take BrainEffect rapid because I want to be able to rely on my own performance every day.

    Michael Weber, Master of Public Administration


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