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  1. Mood Capsules
    Mood Capsules

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Feel great all day


    With a smile through the day? Easy!

    • With vitamin B6 & B12 to support psyche and nerves
    • Contains Rhodiola rosea & cordyceps
    • With black pepper for higher bioavailability
    • Simply take before breakfast
  2. DAILY GUT PULVER Bestseller
    Daily Gut Powder

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    For a great gut feeling


    Friendly gut bacteria & 3 vitamins to improve your gut health

    • With friendly gut bacteria to support digestion
    • Contains vitamin B6 & B12 for the immune system1|2
    • Unique formula with real dried fruit
    • Tastes great in water, yoghurt, or smoothies


    As low as €34.90
  3. Daily Gut Variety Bundle
    Daily Gut Variety Bundle

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Our besteller in 3 flavours


    All good things come in threes: get our bestseller DAILY GUT in 3 flavours & save

    • With live bacterial cultures for digestion
    • Unique formula with powder from real fruits
    • All 3 flavours – strawberry, berry mix & lemon – at a discounted price
    • For more variety: as a drink, in a smoothie, or in porridge
    Regular Price €104.70 Special Price €93.90
  4. Focus Capsules
    Focus Capsules

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Mental power when it counts


    Mental power when it counts

    • With vitamin B5 for full concentration
    • Power formula without caffeine
    • Reduces fatigue thanks to vitamin B5 & B12
    • Vegan & without artificial additives
  5. Sleep Spray Strong Bestseller
    Sleep Spray Strong

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The original with 2 mg melatonin


    Straight to slumberland with 2 mg melatonin

    • Helps you fall asleep faster1
    • 4 sprays = 2 mg melatonin
    • With ashwagandha & lavender extract
    • Sugar-free, alcohol-free, vegan
  6. Recharge Drink Bestseller
    Recharge Drink

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Your post-workout drink


    Your post-workout drink with electrolytes & protein

    • Powerful formula for muscle recovery
    • With minerals & 15 g protein per serving 
    • Contains vitamin B6 and zinc for the immune system
    • Developed with sports scientists


    As low as €39.90
    EUR 11,08 / 100 g Incl. VAT, plus shipping
  7. Gut Care Capsules Bestseller
    Gut Care Capsules

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The basis of your gut microbiome


    The basis of your gut microbiome

    • With vitamin B6 & B12 for the immune system
    • Calcium to support digestive enzymes
    • With fibre for your intestinal flora
    • Contains niacin for healthy mucous membranes


  8. Sleep Gummies
    Sleep Gummies

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The bedtime treat that makes you tired


    These bedtime treats will help you fall asleep faster

    • With melatonin for faster sleep
    • Good night formula with magnesium
    • Late-night snacking allowed – sugar-free
    • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  9. Complete Aminos Drink
    Complete Aminos Drink

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    All essential amino acids in one drink


    The perfect training partner: all essential amino acids in one drink

    • With smart amino acid formula
    • For the maintenance of body & muscles
    • Designed for professional athletes
    • Pineapple mango flavour without added sugar
    Hormone Balance Capsules

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Gentle support for your cycle


    Finally find your rhythm: gentle capsules with vitamin B6 to regulate your hormonal activity1

    • Developed by women for women
    • Innovative formula for body & mind
    • Alternative to monk's pepper & maca
    • With high-quality botanicals: saffron for emotional balance and alchemilla for improved well-being during your cycle
  11. Guardians of the Gut
    Guardians of the Gut

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The all-round package for your intestine


    The magic bullet for better intestinal balance and wellbeing in everyday life

    • The duo for a balanced intestine
    • With live bacterial cultures
    • Promotes general wellbeing
    • 2 bestsellers at the best price: save 5% 
    Regular Price €59.80 Special Price €56.90
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