Frequently Asked Questions

The performance food concept from BRAINEFFECT brings you a bit closer every day to achieving your mental goals! Whether its at work, at university or whilst doing sport - take full advantage of your potential and finish what you've started.

With carefully compiled formulas and performance concepts, BRAINEFFECT helps you to:

  • process information quickly,
  • focus on your goal,
  • devote all of your energy to reaching your goals,
  • rest sufficiently so that you're mentally ready to start again.

Our concept is easy to summarise: eat. perform. sleep.

Mental performance is becoming increasingly important in today's society. For the first time in Europe, we have developed a holistic performance food concept for the mental area. Our products are all compatible with each other and help you to sustainably increase your mental performance. Active regeneration is part of this concept. As you know from sports, every exertion must be followed by a regeneration phase. In order to make this possible for you, we make full use of the power of nature and use only natural ingredients of the highest quality when manufacturing our products. If at any point this isn't technically possible, we provide clear information on the product. For our products and optimisation tips we work together with leading sports scientists and top athletes. We make their training concepts and ingredients exclusively available to you - the office athlete, the sportsman or the everyday hero.

Yes, because our goal is to ensure that all customers, no matter what form of diet they choose, are able to use BRAINEFFECT to achieve their mental objectives. As a result, we completely avoid the use of animal products in the manufacturing of our products (except VITAMIN D3+ OIL which includes sheep wool lanolin and KRILL BOOST). The capsule shells that we use for BRAINEFFECT FOCUS, MOOD and SLEEP are also made from plant cellulose.

BRAINEFFECT is Made in Germany! From the idea to the finished product - with us, everything is Made in Germany.

We manufacture and test our products exclusively in Germany. Each of our products are manufactured according to the highest safety criteria and the production processes are strictly controlled. Our close collaboration with independent food experts guarantees compliance to certified courses of action. All of our products are safe.

Since every product covers a different area of application, there is a different recommended daily intake for each product. All products can be taken individually or combined as a holistic concept of performance support. On the respective product pages you can find information outlining how to take each product in order to achieve the best affects for reaching your mental goals. The recommended daily intake can also be read on the products themselves. If you have further questions on the use of a particular product, please get in touch with our service team. They will gladly assist you further.

Aside from Germany, BRAINEFFECT can also be delivered to the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic and Poland.

We do everything we can to get your products to you as soon as possible. Therefore, we normally ship your order as an insured parcel with DHL. Deliveries to Switzerland and Austria are exceptions to this rule. For these countries we use a reliable private parcel service that brings you the delivery faster than DHL. Once your order has left our logistics center, you will get an e-mail with the tracking number.

The delivery time within Germany is generally 2 to 4 working days. The delivery time in all other countries stated above is usually 5 to 7 days.

Simple and safe - you can pay by direct debit, PayPal, credit card (MasterCard and VISA), bank transfer or pay in advance.

Ordering BRAINEFFECT products is entirely risk-free thanks to our satisfaction guarantee!

We give our customers the opportunity to return the products they ordered from our webshop within 60 days after the purchase. After returning the product you´ll get a full refund.

Worst thing that could happen: After testing our BRAINEFFECT products you´re not fully satisfied, you return the products and get a full refund.

What's probably going to happen: Combined with your willpower and discipline our products will move mountains!

Please note the following:

  • After the expiration of 60 days we neither can give you any refund for returned products nor can we send them back to you.
  • Completely emptied products cannot be returned.
  • We can't refund any shipping costs.
  • The payment method you chose for your order will be used for the refund.
  • The satisfaction guarantee applies only once per customer and product.

The following products are excluded from the money back guarantee: food products (ROCKET COFFEE, ROCKET C8 MCT Oil, KICKBAR, POWERBALLS), merchandise products (hoodies and shirts) & cerascreen blood test kits.

Your 14-day right to return as laid down by law remains untouched by our satisfaction guarantee...

So, what are you waiting for?

You've already been following the BRAINEFFECT story for some time and have already ordered our former classics Academy or Premium? Then we have good news for you. Your products are even better and are available with an improved recipe.

In recent years, lots has been done in the areas of health nutrition and superfoods. Again and again, new successful studies on vitamins, minerals and food products appear. We want you to benefit from these developments and always obtain the best and most effective ingredients!

Therefore, we have jointly developed our products with top athletes and sports physicians. For every area that supports you on the way to achieving your goals, we have developed top products: FOCUS with vitamin B5 to support your concentration, MOOD for your well-being, SLEEP with melatonin for perfect sleep and ROCKET C8 for ketogenic energy.

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You should take all products for at least 10 to 20 days in a row. All scientific studies that underlie our ingredients are based on the use of the ingredients for a minimum of 10 days. Please use the products daily, because only then your body can adapt to the ingredients and exploit them optimally. We pursue a sustainable approach of performance optimisation and therefore deliberately refrain from stimulants, which have only short-term effects.

If you have a question, please send us an email to at any time - or chat with us on Facebook. You have questions on increased performance? Please contact us for tips and questions. One of our coaches will answer you as quickly as possible and will gladly assist you further.