Sleep and Recovery

The days of not being able to rest or fall asleep are finally gone! Find your calm with our recovery products and make your way into slumberland more easily than ever before with our melatonin spray and gummies.

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  1. Sleep Spray Strong Bestseller
    Sleep Spray Strong

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The original with 2 mg melatonin


    Straight to slumberland with 2 mg melatonin

    • Helps you fall asleep faster1
    • 4 sprays = 2 mg melatonin
    • With ashwagandha & lavender extract
    • Sugar-free, alcohol-free, vegan
  2. Recharge Drink Bestseller
    Recharge Drink

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    Your post-workout drink


    Your post-workout drink with electrolytes & protein

    • Powerful formula for muscle recovery
    • With minerals & 15 g protein per serving 
    • Contains vitamin B6 and zinc for the immune system
    • Developed with sports scientists


    EUR 11,08 / 100 g Incl. VAT, plus shipping
  3. Sleep Gummies
    Sleep Gummies

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    The bedtime treat that makes you tired


    These bedtime treats will help you fall asleep faster

    • With melatonin for faster sleep
    • Good night formula with magnesium
    • Late-night snacking allowed – sugar-free
    • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  4. Complete Aminos Drink
    Complete Aminos Drink

    Sanfte Einschlafhilfe

    All essential amino acids in one drink


    The perfect training partner: all essential amino acids in one drink

    • With smart amino acid formula
    • For the maintenance of body & muscles
    • Designed for professional athletes
    • Pineapple mango flavour without added sugar
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Better sleep and regeneration are inextricably linked

No regeneration without sleep

Better sleep with the melatonin products from BRAINEFFECT

Reliable, study-based ingredients - benefit from the power of nature during sleep and regeneration