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KETOGENIC energy for nutrition professionals

  • Made from 100% caprylic (C8 MCT oil)
  • For immediate energy due to the rapid transformation into ketone bodies
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Made in Germany
  • 500 ml
  • 40% off due to shorter expiration date (30 November 2019)

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  • Energy
    Ketogenic energy source from fat instead of sugar
  • The best MCTs
    100 % caprylic acid for your ketone formation
  • Made in Germany
    From controlled production in Germany
  • Vegan
    100 % vegan with no animal products


MCT oils are a good ketogenic energy source for the body. The body can use the characteristic medium-chain fatty acids it contains as fuel. In the liver, MCT's are converted into so-called "ketone bodies" which, unlike carbohydrates, do not influence the sugar level.¹

The ROCKET C8 MCT oil supplies every cell with keto power. It helps you achieve your ambitious goals and master challenges.

ROCKET C8 is the ultimate power supplier, especially for low-carb diets or ketogenic diets. Longer sport and thinking phases can be completed without hypoglycaemia. Therefore: Drink more fat!

Is Rocket C8 a perfect MCT oil? We believe there is no better one on the European market. Conventional MCT oils consist of 5 different MCT acids. However, caprylic acid (C8) is the highest quality form. We, therefore rely on 100 % caprylic acid, the rarest of all MCT acids. Only a maximum caprylic acid percentage allows the formation of ketones even for low-carb and moderate carbohydrate percentages in the diet. We obtain the power-fatty acid from controlled cultivated coconuts as well as from low levels of certified palm oil and canola plantations. Orangutan friendly, of course [1].

ROCKET C8 is intended for athletes, office professionals, and everyday heroes who work out mentally or physically at their job, while studying, or in everyday life and need quick power. As an alternative to glucose, Rocket C8 helps to achieve ambitious goals and overcome challenges. ROCKET C8 is also ideal as a complement to a ketogenic or Paleo diet, whereby ROCKET C8 is the only MCT that makes the benefits of ketosis possible, even with a carbohydrate-rich diet [1].


Caprylic acid - with the best from 65 coconuts


Caprylic acid: MCT oils can consist of 5 different MCTs. Rocket C8 is 100 % caprylic acid generated mainly from up to 66 coconut oils. The conversion into ketone bodies happens in the liver, where they enter the bloodstream and eventually fuel the mitochondria of the body & brain with energy.

Rocket C8 and ketosis

You are sure to have heard that athletes and entrepreneurs discuss the benefits of a ketogenic diet. This is a form of nutrition that help the body to draw energy from ketones (fat) instead of glycogen (carbohydrates). This state is called ketosis. Rocket C8 is the best quality MCT source for everyone in ketosis. However, since the caprylic acid forms ketones directly as the only MCT, you can use the positive properties of MCT oils, even if you eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates. With Rocket C8, you therefore do not have to go fully keto to supply your brain and body with power.


C8 fatty acid from coconut, palm, and rapeseed oil[1]


Nutritional table

Ingredients per 100 g
Energy (kJ) 3700
Energy (kcal) 900 
Fat (g) 100
- Saturates (g)       100
Carbohydrates (g)                    0
- Sugar (g)     0
Dietary fiber (g)     0
Protein (g)     0
Salt (g)     0

Use & duration of effect

ROCKET C8 is tasteless and odorless and can, therefore, be mixed into many foods and beverages. Please use 1-3 tablespoons of MCT oil per day as a keto energy source, e.g. in the morning. Start with one spoon a day and increase your intake to 2-3 tablespoons after a few weeks.
ROCKET C8 already increases the formation of ketone bodies that supply you with power. If taken regularly, ROCKET C8 supports your low carb diet or ketogenic diet and increases your power level.



Rocket C8 is ideal for the production of Rocket Coffee or Bulletproof Coffee, as an addition to smoothies, shakes or salads and as a supplement to ketogenic diets or paleo. Recipes and inspirations can be found here.


2 Review(s) for "ROCKET C8 "

Must have in a helthy diet!
pauli, 12.08.2019
I add the oil to the bulletproof coffee or to shakes I drink every morning. It gives you a kick and the energy level stays high for a longer time. It doesn't have the coconut taste, it is neutral as always in these products, but for the all amazing benefits you should really try it out! I bought this product because it contains pure coconut oil and C8 chains. Can totally recommend it.
Perfect power Kick in my morning coffee
Mike, 30.07.2019
Testing so many MCT Oils this is my favorite! It has a light taste, mixes perfectly up with my bulletproof coffee and is mady of 100 % Coconut Oil! No bullshit!

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Why is MCT oil made from 100% of caprylic acid (C8)?

Caprylic acid (C8) is the highest quality MCT fatty acid and supplies your brain with pure energy. The background to this is that the C8 acid can be metabolised by the body  and builds ketones (energy sources). Ketones provide our mitochondria with the necessary energy. Caprylic acid is particularly valuable for the performance of the brain, because good usability ensures that the energy in the form of ketones is very useful for the brain. Your body needs just three steps to transform C8 into energy - compared to 26 metabolic steps with sugar. ROCKET C8 therefore allows you to take advantage of the positive aspects of a ketogenic diet for the brain, even with a moderate intake of carbohydrates. The reason for this is that the fatty acids are converted directly to ketones. This is why C8 acid is also considered rocket fuel. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of caprylic acid exceed those of other MCTs many times and the produced, but unused, ketone bodies are easily excreted through the urine. Since coconut oil contains only 6% caprylic acid, the C8 fatty acid is very rare and expensive. It takes up to 65 coconuts to obtain 500 ml of caprylic acid. Conventional MCT oils or coconut oil is a mixture of C8 (caprylic acid) and C10 (capric acid), sometimes even C12 (lauric acid). These mixtures are a lot cheaper, because less oil is needed for the extraction of the fatty acids, and it also provides much fewer ketone bodies and thereby less energy [1].

From what sources is the oil extracted?

ROCKET C8 is 100% caprylic acid. Due to the low amount of acid, there is currently no way to get C8 100% from coconut oil in Europe. ROCKET C8 therefore consists of coconut oil from Indonesia and Thailand, with small amounts of palm oil and rapeseed oil. The C8 percentage varies depending on the quality of the coconut oil. The exact amount of palm and rapeseed oil in our ROCKET C8 can therefore vary with each delivery, as with any natural product. Our palm oil is obtained exclusively from certified palm oil plantations in Indonesia. There is no deforestation. This is particularly important to us, because only then can the habitat of orangutans be protected. We are already working with international leading manufacturers on obtaining C8 only from coconuts.[1].

Why does ROCKET C8 provide me with energy?

Our brain requires about 50% of the daily energy requirement of our body. In order to produce the necessary energy in the form of ATP in our cell power stations, we need an energy base. This basic energy can either come from glucose (sugar) or from ketones. Blood sugar should be maintained at a stable level in the brain in order to maintain optimal cognitive function over a prolonged period. Sugar, unfortunately, does the exact opposite. A high sugar intake slows the activity of synapses and thus has negative effects on learning and memory. A sustained high sugar consumption can lead to a resistance to insulin. A hormone which controls both the blood sugar as well as the function of the brain cells. Our diet in the Western world that is typically very high in sugar over a prolonged period can thus lead to limitations of our cognitive abilities. The solution to this problem is the alternative source of energy in the form of ketones. The ketones, preferably formed from caprylic acid, can pass through the blood-brain barrier and is used there as an alternative premium fuel. Ketones do not affect insulin levels [1].

How can I best use the oil?

Our pure C8 MCT oil develops the best effect if you take it before mental efforts with little or no carbohydrates. We have, for example, Bulletproof Coffee, a power smoothie, or a power tea you can have in the mornings for this. Simply stir 1 to 3 tablespoons of MCT oil into your drink. In the evening, you can mix the MCT oil into your good night tea. Athletes like to use our ROCKET C8 in a protein shake or improve a Greek yogurt with MCT oil. For more recipes and uses see our magazine [1].

What product can be best combined with ROCKET C8?

All our products can be used individually or as a holistic mental performance concept. ROCKET C8 can be combined with all our other products. We especially recommend using ROCKET C8 together with our FOCUS product. In this way you can support not only your energy level in the brain, but also do something for your concentration.

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