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Ketogenic energy from 100% coconut


Ketogenic energy for light cuisine and low-carb snacks

  • 100 % caprylic acid C8 from coconut
  • Ideal for cooking & for ketogenic diets
  • Perfect for bulletproof coffee
  • Flavourless, vegan & free from palm oil
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Oil with superpowers

About the product

"Fat makes you fat" is just a myth. Keto is king! That's why our MCT C8 OIL is your perfect companion for healthy cooking. Unlock the power of ketones with 100% caprylic acid from coconuts and say goodbye to midday lows. Sugar-free is good, ketogenic is better!


Ketogenic energy for your meals

Do you find that salads and smoothies don't fill you up? Healthy meals often lack nutrients that provide long-lasting satiety. MCT C8 OIL provides a remedy.

For low-carb cooking & ketogenic diets

MCT stands for medium-chain fatty acids, which the body can convert into energy. Therefore, MCT C8 OIL is suitable for those who want to follow a ketogenic diet or reduce their carbohydrate intake.

MCT in its purest form

While most MCT oils use a mixture of C8 and C10, our MCT oil contains only the higher quality fatty acid C8.

Yes to coconuts, no to palm oil

MCT C8 OIL is obtained exclusively from high-quality coconuts. Palm oil doesn't get nowhere near our bottles.

Adapts to your taste

Many cooking oils have a strong inherent taste. MCT C8 OIL is tasteless and odourless and therefore suitable for most dressings, snacks and drinks.

Perfect for bulletproof coffee

Mix yourself the on-trend drink in no time: simply add some MCT C8 OIL to your coffee.


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Feel the power of keto.

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Our products rely on science

Our product development

Innovation made in Germany
Efficacy confirmed through studies
Herbal ingredients
Mind Nutrition for improved well-being

In developing our products, we combine centuries-old knowledge and herbal ingredients with state-of-the-art research. Because that's how we can deliver exactly what we need in today's world: smarter food that helps us meet the challenges of everyday life

— Dr. Julia Luettig

Innovation & Product Management Lead

Our products rely on science

Our product development

Innovation made in Germany
Efficacy confirmed through studies
Herbal ingredients
Mind Nutrition for improved well-being

— Dr. Julia Luettig

Innovation & Product Management Lead

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