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Success is a state of mind

Mental performance is the key to success. Wherever you need to perform − university, job, sports - your mental health and strength are the most important. That's why we've designed our products to help you meet your challenges naturally.


Our products are just as individual as your goals

Each of our products works for a functional range from more energy in the morning, full concentration at noon to stress reduction and optimised sleep in the evening. All products are coordinated with each other and can be used both as a uniform concept for mental performance optimisation and individually, e.g. before important exams at university or long meetings in the office.

Eat.perform.sleep − more mental performance for you in a sustainable way

If you want to get your best performance, the recipe for success is: hard training, good regeneration and the right micronutrients. Our eat.perform.sleep product concept should help you. It makes you more focused and energetic. You will feel comfortable and have a restful sleep at night.

Product development at Braineffect

For our team of biochemists and nutritionists, product development means meeting the highest demands. That is why we work closely with doctors under the most modern quality standards. You can find our medical advisory board below.

Which active ingredients enable me to concentrate in demanding situations, to have more energy and to fall asleep better in the evening? Which active ingredients should be taken when and in which dose? Our product team has answered these and more questions in cooperation with doctors, athletes and customers and has packed them into various power formulas for you. All products are developed, tested and checked by our team of biochemists, nutritionists and our medical advisory board. The scientifically-derived efficacy, which at the same time guarantees maximum safety, was and is the focus of our product development. All the ingredients we use can also be absorbed through a normal and healthy diet, but we offer them in high concentrations, which makes them more effective. Of course all products are manufactured and tested in Germany. On our study page you will find all the information about our ingredients and their effects. Find out more about our team here.

Our products are distinguished by the following features:

  • Studies have confirmed their efficacy: Our products are designed, developed and confirmed by leading experts in the fields of sports medicine, neuroscience and nutritional science.
  • Naturalness: We rely on the power of nature, do without animal products as far as possible and, if possible, use pharmaceutical quality.
  • Ingredients: We use only the best ingredients with high degrees of purity. We have been working with trusted partners for many years who assist us in selecting the best raw materials.
  • Made in Germany: All products are manufactured and tested in Germany only. We manufacture and test our products in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg & Berlin.
  • High bioavailability: "bio-enhancers" such as piperine and black pepper extract ensure that our active ingredients are very well absorbed by the body.
  • Three-stage quality monitoring: 1. Internal tests of the ingredients for impurities and pollutants. 2. External checks by a laboratory in Germany & the UK 3. Testing by a world-leading laboratory in supplement analysis of doping substances.

Try our products now

Unsure? Let us coach you! 

We are the first company to give you comprehensive advice in the mental field with our performance coach and to show you how you can make full use of your mental potential. So if you are unsure of how to achieve your goals, contact our coaches. You simply answer a few questions and receive an individual coaching afterwards - completely free of charge, of course.

Medical and scientific advisory board

Our advisory board allows you to ensure your mental performance with the most innovative, effective and safe products. For each of our product areas BRAINEFFECT works together with one of the medical and scientific luminaries.