You're in voluntary self-isolation because of the coronavirus and the ceiling is slowly coming down on your head? Here are our 28 best tips against boredom.


Are you tired of killing time with movies, series and social media? You want a meaningful occupation that challenges you and after which you also feel the satisfying feeling of having achieved something? Then you've come to the right place.

BRAINEFFECT HACK: Try something new and use our 28 tips against boredom. Keep track of your progress to stay motivated in the long run. One of the key factors of success is to keep your vitamin D3 levels high.


1. 6 sports tips against boredom

Sports and exercise in general are real boredom killers and are therefore high on our list of tips against boredom at home. You are not in the mood for pushups and co.? No problem. Here you will find other ways to get active and do something for your well-being.

1. Do a home workout

No desire or possibility to go to the gym? No problem. Your own body weight is perfectly sufficient to do a hard workout at home.

2. Go for a walk

A short walk around the block clears the head and stimulates the blood circulation. At the same time you can use the time to talk on the phone.

3. Jogging

If you want to get your circulation going again, turn the walk into a little endurance run. Jogging burns a lot of calories, supplies your brain with fresh oxygen, reduces stress and strengthens your immune system.

Tipps gegen Langeweile: Joggen

4. Working on your Mobility

Do you sometimes feel stiff and motionless? Then use the time at home for a mobility routine. You will see how relaxed and comfortable you feel afterwards.

5. Learning a headstand / handstand

Have you always wanted to be able to do a headstand or handstand? Then now is the perfect time to learn. Watch some tutorials. Grab a yoga mat and let's get going.

6. Think of a challenge

On the internet you will find lots of fun ideas for cool challenges. Just think of one yourself and challenge your friends.


2. 4 Social tips against boredom

You may not currently be able to meet with your family and friends the way you would like to, but you can still do something for your social contacts. On the one hand, these tips will help you to avoid boredom and on the other hand, you will also bring joy to other people.

1. Commit yourself socially

It doesn't matter if you just help the older couple from the neighbourhood with their shopping or donate something to the people who are worse off. Social engagement is not only a wonderful tip against boredom, but makes both sides equally happy. 

2. Call family and friends (via Skype)

Are there people you think about more often, but always forget to call? Then now is the time. And we'll make a bet that they're happy. By the way: It gets even more personal when you arrange a Skype date with your loved ones. So you can see each other and eat, work out or come up with something else.

3. Catch up with an old friend you haven't heard from in years

The same applies to old acquaintances. If there is someone you often think about, even though you haven't seen each other for ages, call him/her.

4. Support system relevant professions

While many of us are in the home office, doctors, nurses, police officers and many other professions go about their jobs daily to keep the system running. Time for a THANK YOU! That's why we at BRAINEFFECT are now giving away our exclusive SUPPORTER KIT free of charge to everyone who works in the relevant professions. You belong to it yourself or know someone? Then keep sharing the good news and secure our free SUPPORTER KIT for you or them.

Tipps gegen Langeweile: Skype Call

3. 4 Musical tips against boredom

For music lovers, the time at home is the perfect time to listen to some music or to try out themselves creatively.

1. Create a new playlist

What used to be the mixtape is now the playlist. Take a little time to compile your current favorite songs. That way you will not only avoid boredom but also automatically get in a good mood.

2. Learning a musical instrument

One of the best things you can do to prevent boredom is to learn a musical instrument. Even though the beginning is usually difficult. As soon as you are a little bit in practice, the time passes automatically.

3. Singing

A karaoke party with friends or a private concert in the shower. Singing is fun and liberating.

4. Writing a song/ rap text

If you are a bit more creative, you can simply find an instrumental on Youtube and then let your imagination run wild.

4. 5 Handicraft tips against boredom

Also very suitable to avoid boredom are all kinds of handicraft activities. For many people, handicrafts even have a relaxing and almost meditative effect.

1. Learning to crochet, knit or sew

You think crocheting, knitting and sewing are just for old ladies? Not true. You can have a wonderful time and design new clothes.

Tipps gegen Langeweile: Häkeln

2. Handicrafts

I bet you did a lot of handicrafts in your childhood. Handicrafts can also be a relaxing activity for adults. For example, you can create beautiful decorations for your own home.

3. Learn to draw

Drawing is a great activity to train your concentration and sensitivity.

4. Painting

Painting trains your left brain hemisphere in a special way. It also has a relaxing effect.

5. Build a new piece of furniture yourself

Okay, making decorations is too easy for you? Well, how about having your own piece of furniture? Granted, you need a little more space. But if you have enough space, it's a project you'll spend a lot of time on.

5. 9 More tips against boredom

Nothing for you yet? Then just try one of the following tips against boredom.

1. Prefer spring-cleaning

Why not just do the spring cleaning in the fall? No matter at what time you read this article, an extensive house cleaning will pass the time and afterwards you will feel really comfortable.

2. Redecorate your apartment

Do you need a change of pace? The planning and implementation of your home furnishings is a nice occupation and feels simply good afterwards. Here you can of course also bring in your self-made decoration and furniture.

3. Read a book

A good book captivates you and stimulates your imagination. Whether it's a novel or non-fiction. When a book captivates you, time flies without you noticing. 

4. Trying out a new recipe

Good food makes you happy. That's for sure. You're bored? Then it's time for your taste buds to try something new. The preparation and cooking itself also increase the anticipation of the new recipe.

5. Writing a text

Have you ever had the idea for a story, but then simply no time to write it down? Use your boredom wisely. Sit down and write down your thoughts. You don't have to write a professional novel. How about your very first short story or poem instead?

6. Learning a new language

It is always useful to know another language. If you are bored again, use the time to learn a new language or simply refresh your language skills. Various apps will even help you for free.

7. Meditate

Meditation is also something you can always do when you are bored. You train above all your calmness, concentration and mindfulness. If you don't know how to do it yet, our article about learning to meditate will help you.

8. Try something new in general

Besides the examples we recommend, there are many other ways to fight boredom. Be open to new things and try out things you would not normally do. There are plenty of free online webinars where you can learn about a new topic. Just try it out.

9. Feel gratitude/success journal

A great occupation for mornings, evenings and also in between at noon is keeping a journal. It's entirely up to you what you write here. However, many successful people recommend writing down a few things every day for which they are grateful and to look at their personal successes again.

6. Conclusion

You have now received 28 useful tips against boredom from us. Just try out one or the other tip for yourself. You will soon notice what you enjoy and maybe even a new hobby will arise from it.