Daily Glow

All-in-one beauty drink with collagen

Time to feed your natural beauty! This all-in-one beauty drink nourishes your skin, hair and nails

  • For radiant skin, firm nails & lush hair1|2
  • Smart formula with hydrolysed collagen from gras-fed cows & additional collagen boosters6
  • Contains the most hyped beauty ingredients: Q10, hyaluronic acid, biotin & glucosamine
  • With thiamine (vitamin B1) to feed your inner glow
  • Everything with 1 teaspoon: 1855 mg of collagen, 158 mg of glucosamine & 180 mg of hyaluronic acid in per serving
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Regular Price €39.90 As low as €39.90
Content: 135g, EUR 295,56/1kg Incl. VAT, plus shipping

Delivery: 3 to 5 days

It’s Glow Time!

About the Product

Feel good in your own skin: DAILY GLOW provides you with the best nutrient mix for radiant skin1|2|3|4|6|7|8, lush hair1|2|3|5 and strong nails.2|5 Thanks to the smart all-in-one formula with bioactive collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and 20 other popular beauty ingredients, just one fruity drink a day is enough to boost your glow. And best of all: pantothenic acid and thiamine also support your mind9|10– so you can look and feel great.


With hydrolyzed collagen & ingredients that boost collagen production6

DAILY GLOW contains hydrolysed collagen from gras-fed cows as well as vitamin C, which supports your body's own collagen production.

Smart all-in-one formula that nourishes skin, hair & nails

In DAILY GLOW, 23 well-known beauty ingredients combine to create a clever nutrient mix that not only helps maintain your skin1|2|3|4|6|7|8, but also your hair1|2|3|5 and nails.2|5

With the star ingredients of the beauty industry

Collagen, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine are known from anti-aging products and cosmetics. DAILY GLOW combines them in one fruity drink.

Plus: antioxidants from tomatoes & acerola cherries

Vitamin C from acerola not only contributes to the body's own collagen production6, but also protects cells from oxidative stress together with copper and zinc.2|3|6

For body & soul

DAILY GLOW contains thiamine (vitamin B1) that supports the mental function10. That way, it helps you glow also from the inside out.

With delicate raspberry taste

DAILY GLOW proves with its delicate raspberry flavour that collagen drinks don't have to taste like bone broth.


Our Ingredients

What's inside



Collagen is the most common protein found in the human body. It is an essential component of the connective tissue and skin. In DAILY GLOW collagen comes in hydrolysed form to be better absorbed by and more easily distributed within the body.


Hyaluronic Acid

As a natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid is one of the stars of the beauty industry. With age, however, the body's own production decreases, which is why supplementation can be useful.



Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is involved in many endogenous processes, but especially in the maintenance of skin, hair and mucous membranes.1


1Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and mucous membranes.

2Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails and the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

3Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue and normal hair and skin pigmentation and protection of cells from oxidative stress.

4Iodine contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

5Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

6Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen production and skin function and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

7Riboflavin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

8Niacin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

9Pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance.

10Thiamine contributes to normal mental function.

Drink up. Glow up.1|2

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Innovation made in Germany
Efficacy confirmed through studies
Proven herbal ingredients
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In developing our products, we combine centuries-old knowledge and plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge research. Because that's how we can deliver exactly what we need in today's world: smarter foods that help us meet the challenges of everyday life.

— Dr. Julia Luettig

Innovation & Product Management Lead

So viel Wissenschaft steckt in unseren Produkten

Unsere Produktentwicklung

Innovation made in Germany
Studien-bestätigte Wirksamkeit
Pflanzliche Inhaltsstoffe
Mind Nutrition für mehr Wohlbefinden

Bei der Entwicklung unserer Produkte kombinieren wir Jahrhunderte altes Wissen und pflanzliche Zutaten mit modernster Forschung. Denn so können wir genau das liefern, was wir in der heutigen Zeit brauchen: smartere Lebensmittel, die uns dabei helfen, die Herausforderungen des Alltags zu bewältigen.

— Dr. Julia Luettig

Innovation & Product Management Lead

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