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About us


BRAINEFFECT was founded in 2015 by Fabian Foelsch together with the Berlin investor Schober Ventures. The company develops and sells high-quality performance food products to optimise mental and physical performance. True to the motto "Success begins in the mind", BRAINEFFECT makes innovative ingredients and training concepts from top-class sport available to office athletes, sportspeople and everyday heroes for the first time. As a former competitive athlete Fabian began to deal very early with the topics of sleep, self-optimisation and biohacking. Especially before and after competitions he had sleep problems and was repeatedly plagued by injuries. He soon found out that both are closely related and so he began to optimise himself and his own performance with the help of technical data and intensive analysis of his own body. During a lecture on the same topic Fabian finally got to know the Berlin investor Mr. Schober. Together they developed a holistic concept for natural dietary supplements which improve sleep and provide more energy, concentration and well-being during the day. Today BRAINEFFECT employs a team of over 25 people and is one of the leading brands for performance food in Germany. BRAINEFFECT's products are available in over 2,500 pharmacies in Germany as well as in our own online shop and at Amazon.


We at BRAINEFFECT are convinced that your mental state is the key to achieving your goals. Many of our successful moments, such as the crucial pull when climbing or the presentation of a project, are closely associated with concentration and mental strength. At the Olympics, an athlete's mental condition is also decisive for the gold medal or the unappreciated fourth place. This is why top athletes optimise their mental state for years through training, nutrition, and innovative research approaches. The top athletes of today are pioneers of mental optimisation. Professional athletes know this, and so do we. It is therefore our mission to make innovative approaches from top-class sport available to office athletes, everyday heroes or sportspeople and to support them in achieving their goals. The secret to the mental performance of successful athletes results from selected nutrients, training, the right attitude, sufficient rest, and admittedly a bit of luck. We have derived our success formula eat. perform. sleep. from this and, in close cooperation with athletes, doctors and nutritionists, we have developed study-based formulas which can take mental performance to a new level. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals, concentrate better in stressful situations and optimise your mental regeneration.

Available in:
2.500 pharmacies


Effectiveness, quality and safety are our top priorities. That is why we rely on study-based active ingredients with high bioavailability and the manufacture of all our products in Germany. Before one of our products finally comes onto the market, it has undergone strict controls and was tested several times. Many of our products are also on the Kölner Liste®, which lists dietary supplements which have been tested for anabolic steroids and stimulants by one of the world's leading laboratories for doping substances in non-preparation analysis. Cologne List products have a minimised risk of doping and can even be taken by athletes participating in the Olympic Games, for example. In product development, our team works closely with doctors, external nutritionists and professional athletes. In addition to laboratory tests, we also develop new combinations every day to achieve the best effect together with other foods. Only the best will finally make it into a new innovative product which will help you to improve your mental performance and get closer to your goal step by step.

Improve your mental performance