Improve Your Self-Confidence

Self confidence is the result of the self esteem that you have, or the value you place on yourself. The more value you place on yourself, the more you can accomplish. There are literally thousands of books, articles, CDs and DVDs about how to improve self confidence so that you can get what you want out of life. Some offer tips that are fairly constant from one source to the next while others are entire programs based on new theories on how to improve self confidence and achieve your goals.

Using the “Law of Attraction” to Improve Self Confidence

In 2007, a movie called “The Secret” was released before being developed into a book that quickly gained popularity around the world. Not only was The Law of Attraction a way to improve self confidence, but it was also shown to help you do anything you wanted to do. The basic idea is to stop having negative thoughts about what you don’t have and convince yourself that you already have achieved what you want so that you can attract it to you.


For instance, if you are very overweight and you feel that the only way to improve self confidence is to lose the extra weight, then you would stop saying that you look awful, you are too fat, you need to lose fifty pounds. Instead, you would look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are thin, you are beautiful, you are the ideal weight. Followers of The Law of Attraction swear by the philosophy to improve self confidence so that you can get more out of life.


According to the theory behind The Law of Attraction, when you start having positive thoughts, you will begin to change your behaviors so that those thoughts will become a reality. You will take more risks and go after what you want whereas you previously would have lacked the self confidence to act on your urges.

While some people claim that The Law of Attraction is just another approach to positive thinking, others swear to its effectiveness in helping them accomplish what no other system has helped them achieve before.


Traditional Ways to Improve Self Confidence

If there are doubters about The Law of Attraction’s ability to improve self confidence, there are even more that know the older tips and methods to improve self confidence are not likely to produce overwhelming results. They may be designed to get the message across for you to “take control of your life” or “embrace your strengths”. When you think about it, these are just ways of telling someone who is looking for ways to improve self confidence to go ahead through sheer will power alone.


What it Really Takes to Improve Self Confidence

The reality is that if you need to improve self confidence, something caused you to be lacking in that area in the first place. If you were made fun of and teased for being overweight as a child, you may have lost your confidence so that you have never had the ability to lose weight. In this case, the best way to improve self confidence is by finding the help you need to lose the weight so that there is no longer an obstacle and you can improve self confidence by setting goals, finding the best course of action for you, and reaching your goals.


If your lack of confidence comes from a mate that is constantly criticizing you and putting you down, then losing the mate is your best way to improve self confidence. Start by finding the source of your problems whether they are within you or from an outside source. Don’t hesitate to get professional help if you can’t go it alone. No matter what your deepest issues are or the cause of your lagging confidence, there is a way to change your circumstances and improve self confidence.