10 Ways to Improve Your Study Performance

No matter how old, it is never too late for them to make use of these top 10 tips to improve study performance. Whether it is a new year at school or there is need to excel at school or college level studies, there are certain things that every person needs to do in order to improve study performance. 

Tip No. 1 – To Improve Study Performance, Write Your Assignment down on Paper

Make use of a planner to help you put your assignment down in writing. A to-do list is another solution and even the notepad on your cell phone can be used for writing down the assignment. This helps to improve study performance considerably. Be sure to include information such as:


  • Assignment Topic
  • Due date
  • Test date
  • Task


Tip No. 2 – Take Homework to School/College

It may seem quite obvious but unless a student remembers to take their homework to their educational institution the chances of them getting an F grade will rise. This common sense tip will definitely improve study performance.


Tip No. 3 – Complete Coursework each on a daily basis

Remember that success in studies is seldom if ever achieved through cramming facts as this does not help a student understand or even retain voluminous pieces of information. The right approach for study performance improvement is to do your courses each and every day and in addition, use free time between classes to read up on various subjects.


Tip No. 4 – Find and Use whatever help you can find

Regardless of whether you are a student with top grades or trailing in your class, it is always a good idea to strengthen your skills as much as is possible as this will help to improve study performance. In this regard, it pays to get acquainted with professors/teachers and also tutorial assistants. They are the ones, who along with study guides and help centers who can help you improve study performance.


Tip No. 5 – Stay energized

In order to improve study performance, it is important to avoid being stressed or fatigued as these factors will lead to a weakened memory and impair comprehension as well. Therefore, make it a point to eat healthily and properly and be sure to exercise on a regular basis. Get plenty of sleep as well to ensure that you remain focused and alert when it is time to study. If you have trouble keeping your concentration on a constant high level keep on reading here.


Tip No. 6 – To Improve Study Performance, Never Skip Classes

Never miss your classes as that will not help you to improve study performance; in fact, it will lead to poorer study performance. Take notes and place maximum emphasis on being well prepared for exams that lie ahead.


How to improve your study performance

Tip No. 7 – Textbooks and Lectures

To succeed at studies and to improve study performance, it is important to understand how to fit different pieces of information together so that you get to create the Big Picture. Make use of outlines and tables of contents and also use headings/sub-headings to organize your information.


Tip No. 8 - Remember Important Facts

Stay active and generate as many examples as you can and make use of mnemonics and summary notes to help you remember important facts. This will go a long way in helping to improve study performance.


Tip No. 9 - Show that you have understood key points

Even if you think you have understood everything, you must use a test on yourself to prove that you have in fact understood key facts. Testing yourself can also help to achieve study performance improvement.


Tip No. 10 – To Improve Study Performance, Be Ready for the Test

Finally, to improve study performance, be sure to keep test writing errors down to a minimum. These errors will cost you important marks. So, read the instructions carefully, budget your time effectively and answer the easier questions first.