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We don't just work for BRAINEFFECT, we're also passionate fans. Our team deeply loves these products.

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  1. Daily Gut Strawberry Bestseller
    Daily Gut Strawberry
    For a great gut feeling
    Regular Price €79.80 Special Price €75.81
  2. Gut Care Capsules Team FavouriteBestseller
    Gut Care Capsules
    The basis of your gut microbiome
  3. Recharge Cucumber-Mint Bestseller
    Recharge Cucumber-Mint
    Your post-workout drink
  4. Daily Glow Powder Team Favourite
    Daily Glow Powder
    All-in-one beauty drink with collagen
  5. KIds Gut Gummies Team Favourite
    Kids Gut Gummies
    Fruity gummies full of friendly gut bacteria
  6. Sleep Spray Strong BestsellerTeam Favourite
    Sleep Spray Strong
    The original with 2 mg melatonin
  7. Daily Gut Berrymix Team FavouriteBestseller
    Daily Gut Berrymix
    Beeren-Synbiotikum für glückliche Darmbewohner
  8. MCT C8 Oil Team FavouriteSale
    MCT C8 Oil
    Ketogenic energy from 100% coconut
    Regular Price €23.90 Special Price €19.90
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