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Products in the BRAINEFFECT biohacking shop

  • Daily Care Bundle

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping


    Daily SUPPORT for you to ROCK your projects

    • VITAMIN D: liquid sun rays for your well-being
    • GUARD with calcium & 13 billion bacteria for balanced intestinal flora
    • KRILL BOOST with EPA & DHA for your heart and brain
    • Save 12 % compared to the unit price
  • Gamer Bundle

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping


    DEFEAT the final boss

    • FOCUS with B5 to concentrate on your game
    • VITAMIN D3+ OIL - liquid sunshine for indoor gamers
    • SLEEP SPRAY with 1 mg melatonin to fall asleep faster despite blue light exposure
    • Save 12 % compared to single prices
  • Superheroes Bundle
    Outof stock

    Superheroes Bundle

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping


    For SUPERHEROES who want MORE

    • FOCUS with vitamin B5 for your mental power
    • MOOD with vitamin D for your immune system
    • AWAKE and ROCKET C8 for your energy
    • Save 15 % compared to the unit price
  • Crossfit Essentials Bundle

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping


    Take your TRAINING to the next LEVEL

    • SLEEP with melatonin for faster falling asleep after training
    • Vitamin D3 supports your immune system
    • Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA for your heart
    • Save 12 % compared to the unit price
  • Full Potentials Bundle
    Outof stock

    Full Potentials Bundle

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping


    Be the BEST VERSION of yourself

    • SLEEP SPRAY with melatonin for faster falling asleep even on stressful days
    • FOCUS with vitamin B5 for your concentration
    • MOOD contains 20 happy ingredients
    • Dose your caffeine with AWAKE
    • Save 13 % compared to single prices

Take your mental fitness to the next level

BRAINEFFECT is your brand for mental fitness and performance. Our goal is to help you achieve your ambitious goals. Because we believe that you have not yet reached your full potential.

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Our Concept: Mental fitness and regeneration belong together

With our BRAINEFFECT products, we support you in every situation − in the preparation for the next exam, during physical challenges in sports or when you need the necessary energy for everyday life. We show you how to get more out of yourself and give you exactly what you need. We don't ignore the important regeneration of your body and brain, because only those who recover properly can do great things. For us, mental fitness and regeneration belong together like Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. We don't think the one without the other and believe in improved mental fitness through ideal regeneration.

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BRAINEFFECT is your power formula for mental fitness

BRAINEFFECT offers you innovative and effective supplements to increase your mental fitness. To help you achieve your goals, we do our best every day. Our various power formulas are specially tailored to your needs and consist exclusively of the highest quality ingredients. Valuable plant extracts from nature paired with efficient active ingredients give you what you urgently need in challenging times. And we don't stand still: we are constantly evolving our products to the next level, because only by being one step ahead will you be better than the rest!

Brain Supplements – 100% vegan, high bioavailability and made in Germany

We provide you with 100 % vegan energy for your mental fitness. We rely on purely vegetable capsule casings without animal gelatine, which vegetarians and vegans can also consume without hesitation. Our selected ingredients have a high bioavailability so that our products can unfold their effect in the best possible way. The development and manufacture of our products in Germany represent the high quality and safety. Click here for a detailed description of our product concept. 

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Our customer service is there for you! Do you have questions about our products or your order?

Then feel free to contact our competent customer care team by phone +49 (0)30 609 859 430 from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm and via e-mail