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Smart Snacking | BRAINEFFECT products

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    Incl. 7% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

    EUR 6,26/100 g

    Your power in one bar

    • Fiber-rich energy bars with nuts and berries
    • Fights against fatigue with vitamin B5 and B12
    • Perfect if you’re on the go
    • Currently not available
  • Snack smarter


    Incl. 7% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

    EUR 7,47/100 g

    Functional Snacking 2.0

    • Powerful mix of ingredients
    • Rich in protein and fiber
    • Ideal as a functional snack in every situation
    • 6 BALLS per pack
    • Currently not available


    Incl. 7% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

    EUR 65,84/100 g

    Fast Food 2.0

    • Ideal vegan late-night snack
    • High in protein and fiber
    • Special Night Time Blend
    • Chocolate-coconut taste
    • 10 servings
    • Free shaker included (Only for the first 25 orders!)

Smart Snacking

Smart Snacks for High Performers

Do you have a lack of power in the afternoon after dozens of meetings or an intensive learning session? A long working day is coming to an end and you need a little booster to give you a real physical effort during the training? Then grab our smart snacks to go. They give you what you need to keep giving 110 percent.


Eat. Perform. Sleep. Small, healthy snacks are your turbo drive for ultimate performance

You are what you eat. It's as simple as that. So you better stay away from carelessly eaten croissants, biscuits and chocolate. Snacks like this don't give you what you really need: good energy.

Our BRAINEFFECT Smart Snacks are full of proteins and fiber. Now you can achieve your goals with less carbs and more nutrients. Because only a healthy snack is a good snack. Snack up your life!

Ready. Set. Snack.

The KICKBAR is bursting with power, captured in a bar form. Cashew nuts, almonds and peanuts push your energy level and your mental performance. Furthermore, the power snack contains functional ingredients such as pantothenic acid, which give your fatigue no chance.

Vitamins B1 and B6 support your energy metabolism. Nutty and without artificial sugar, but with the natural sweetness of cranberries. The only thing that's refined here? The composition. Smart.

You can get our POWER BALLS in three different varieties, as smart snacking must always be adapted to your requirements.

● ENERGY shows the red card to your fatigue thanks to iron and vitamin C.
● FOCUS supports your thinking thanks to vitamin B5.
● HAPPINESS puts a smile on your face with the sun vitamin D and L-Tryptophan.

Delicious. High-fiber. Functional. That's how you snack today. Ideal in every situation of life. Snack smart with our BRAINEFFECT snacks.

Vegan snacks without compromise. Success begins in your head.

If you want to get everything out of yourself, you need an iron will. This is exactly what we put in our product development. Our claim? To develop smart snacks that offer high performers and everyday heroes a refined solution for hunger in between.

That's why we rely on plant power and use only the best ingredients in our snacks. This is how we support you in becoming your best version of yourself.