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Recharge to outperform

  • With amino acids for your muscles
  • Extra zinc supports your immune systems
  • Developed with sports scientist Professor Dr. med. Froböse
  • Kölner-Liste® product for professional and ambitious amateur athletes
  • 15 sachets
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with satisfaction guarantee
  • Magnesium
    Refills your electrolyte stores and supports your muscles
  • B6 & Zinc
    Give your immune system what it needs
  • Refreshing and invigorating
    With a delicious lemon flavor
  • "Formula-Froböse" quality seal 
    Developed with sports scientists to meet the needs of athletes
  • High bioavailability
    Absorbs substances well and quickly into the body
  • Made in Germany
    From controlled, safe production in Germany

Have you gone through hard training? Time for RECHARGE

Do you regularly go to your mental and physical limits during sports? You work hard to get better and grow beyond yourself?

RECHARGE gives your body after an intense sports session what it needs. The unique formula provides you and your muscles with amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts which will help your recovery. Thus you support your training successes and recharge your batteries after sports, so you can immediately start the next day.

This is how RECHARGE works

Refuel: Aminos 

Training to the limit? Burning muscles? Time for RECHARGE! Our high-quality amino acid mix supports the protein and glycogen metabolism, assists with the removal of metabolic products and thus supports your regeneration.

Refill: Electrolyte 

During sport, your body loses electrolytes that it releases through sweat. RECHARGE replenishes your stores and returns important minerals and vitamins. The magnesium contained regulates the fluid distribution in your body and protects you from deficiency symptoms such as cramps.

Restrain/Replenish: Zink, Vitamin B6 & Selen

Feeling cold on the day of the competition Scratchy throat? Although sports give you and your immune system long-term power, the so-called "open window effect" ensures that you tend to be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria 3 - 24 hours after short, high-intensity sports units. We have provided RECHARGE with an innovative nutrient complex that helps protect your immune system: zinc and selenium hinder specific viruses from multiplying, protecting your cells from free radicals and helping to reduce oxidative stress.

Vitamin B6 is involved in the smooth running of the immune system and essential for its function.

With a sophisticated combination of the best amino acids, plant materials, minerals and vitamins, you give your body exactly what it needs after exercise. Support it now in regeneration and reach the next level.

RECHARGE gives your body what it needs so well after demanding training sessions: amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fluids. This not only benefits competitive athletes but also ambitious amateur athletes. Bring the holistic solution to work, full of verve, on pushing your limits already tomorrow.


RECHARGE vs similar products

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15 Sachets à 23,2 g

L-glutamine, taurine, L-glycine, 12.9 % L-citrulline D-malate (2:1), 8.6 % gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), magnesium, acidifier: citric acid, L-alanine, natural lemon flavor, green tea extract, potassium, Sensoril®: ashwagandha extract, sweetener: stevioglycosides, zinc, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin (vitamin B1), sodium selenite


Nutrition table

        per 100g       per serving        % RM**   
Energy (kcal/kJ)       298/1265       69/293       3,5 %

Fat (g)

      0,08       0,01       <0,1 %
- of which saturated fatty acids (g)            0       0       0,0 %
Carbohydrates (g)       2,9        0,68       <0,3 %
- of which sugar (g)       0,97       0,22       <0,3 %
Dietary fiber (g)       0,34       0,07       **
Protein (g)       66,7       15,4       30,8 %
Salt (g)       0,03       0,01       <0,2 %


        per 100g      per serving       % RM**    

Amino acid mix (L-glutamine,
L-citrulline-D-malate, taurine, 
L-glycine, GABA, L-alanine)                     

    75,4 g   17,5 g       **
Minerals and vitamins      
Magnesium     862 mg    200 mg       53 %
Potassium     647 mg    150 mg       8 %
Zinc     86 mg     20 mg       200 %
Selenium     237 µg     55 µg       100 %
Thiamine (vitamin B1)     4,7 mg     1,1 mg       100 %
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)     6,0 mg     1,4 mg       100 %
Vitamin B6     6,0 mg     1,4 mg       100 %


Percentages for nutrient reference values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011

** No nutrient reference values (NRV) available 

Usage & effective period:

Stir the contents of a sachet (23.2 g) into 500 ml of water and drink within the first hour after training or competition.



Make sure that you always store the product in a dark, dry and cool place.


Our tip:

RECHARGE is ideally supplemented with RECOVER CBD and MOOD with L-tryptophan and vitamin D for daily well-being.


Note:  Dietary supplements are not intended to be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet as well as a  healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children.


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For whom is RECHARGE suitable?

RECHARGE is optimally adapted to the needs of ambitious amateur athletes and dedicated competitive athletes. Do you undertake a lot of sport and intensively? Do you spend every minute jogging or in the gym? RECHARGE gives your muscles amino acids, restores electrolyte balance through magnesium, provides your immune system with zinc and selenium and protects your cells from oxidative stress. Sounds exactly what you need? Then get going! Fill up your storage and profit completely.

What side effects can occur when taking RECHARGE?

Humans react differently to amino acids. We clearly, after all, have very different genes. As a result, some may experience mild tingling under the skin within the first two hours of use. Moreover, maybe you are a little warmer than usual. That is when you realize that RECHARGE is starting to take effect. This is no cause for concern.

Can I dissolve RECHARGE in more than 500 ml?

The ingredients of a sachet that fits easily into your jacket pocket, are optimally matched to the quantity of half a liter of water. They dissolve without residue and you get the most important nutrients within an hour of training. You cannot guarantee that if you mix the RECHARGE powder with more water. If you are very thirsty, we recommend that you first start with RECHARGE and later on use pure water to quench your thirst.

Over what time period should I take RECHARGE?

We recommend that you start taking RECHARGE immediately after your workout and drink it within an hour. That is the only way the ingredients can give you what you need after the workout and how it works best. You will see, as deliciously and refreshingly lemony as RECHARGE tastes, half a liter is gone in no time and you are full of power again.

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