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Snack smarter


Functional Snacking 2.0

  • 3 delicious varieties for your snacking goal
  • Powerful mix of ingredients for focus, well-being, and power
  • Rich in protein and fiber
  • Ideal as a functional snack in every situation
  • 6 BALLS per pack
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Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage, EUR 7,47/100 g

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  • Variety „Focus“
    Vit B5 for concentration & Vit B12 for your nerves
  • Protein power from the sunflower 
    100 % vegan protein with essential amino acids
  • Variety "Energy"
    For your energy and combats fatigue with iron
  • Lower Carb & Gluten free
    60 % less carbohydrates than usual nut-fruit confections
  • Variety „Happiness“
    Rewards you with L-Tryptophan, the sun vitamin D3 and vitamin C      
  • Perfekt for traveling
    Practical mini snack bags for on the go

Snack up your life – functional POWER BALLS for every situation

Healthy satisfier and energy supplier? We are convinced that a snack needs to do more than all that! The 10th coffee in the afternonn was yesterday. Energy Balls are history. Time for POWER BALLS!

Upgrade your snack life and give your body what it needs. Each of our powerful POWER BALLS features a unique mix of ingredients that not only provides you with energy, but also provides your body with the right nutrients for every situation. Thanks to Focus with vitamin B5, be fully aware when your mental strength matters. Bring the sun vitamin D3 into your life with Happiness and recharge the sunrays and confetti rain at the same time. Battle the afternoon low with Energy or get the last energy push before sporting activities. Functional snacking can be so easy – time to snack up your life!




Here's what happens to your body while snacking

Functional snacks are not just real soul food, they can also boost your performance. The easily digestible fibers of chicory root in our POWER BALLS save you the insulin high classic nut fruit confections made from dates and give your body real power. In addition, natural sunflower protein provides you with essential amino acids that your body needs to perform numerous processes. With a good dose of fiber and a protein base. Power up!


Add Focus – Your trail food 2.0

Studies show that nuts can support cognitive performance with their natural mineral complex. That's why our Focus Energy Balls contain crunchy hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds that also taste fantastic. We also enriched the little power balls with Matcha and Panax ginseng. Whether it’s an important deadline, keynote presentation, or exam - Focus POWER BALLS with vitamins B5 and B12 are the snack when it matters.


Add Happiness – treat yourself

Not your day? Simply no energy? Emotional low? Do something good for you and your body! Our Happiness POWER BALLS combine coconut, physalis, and fruity passion fruit with the sun vitamin D3 and the amino acid L-tryptophan, which are involved in the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin. Your soul food from the snack bag.


Add Energy – Power in spherical form

Want natural power? Try it with matcha, cocoa, and guarana in ball shape! The iron and vitamin C enriched balls reduce your feeling of tiredness and keep your energy metabolism busy. Say goodbye to the afternoon low!



POWER BALLS vs similar products


6 balls per bag

Focus POWER BALLS: Fiber from the chicory root, sunflower seed protein, 9 % hazelnuts, 9 % cashew kernels, almonds, dried apple pieces, grated coconut, 1.8 % cinnamon, matcha powder, sea salt, Panax ginseng extract, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B12

Happiness POWER BALLS: Fiber from chicory root, sunflower seed protein, 18 % blanched almonds, 11 % coconut flakes, 8 % physalis, passion fruit powder, acerola fruit powder extract, L-tryptophan, natural flavor, vitamin D3, vitamin B12

Energy POWER BALLS: Fiber from the chicory root, sunflower seed protein, roasted 24.5 % peanuts, 6% cocoa powder, 5 % guarana powder, inulin, matcha powder, natural aroma, acerola powder, sweetener stevio glycosides (from stevia), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), iron, zinc


Nutrition table POWER BALLS Energy

average nutritional values       per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  
Energy (kJ)          1401           561 (6,7 %)
Energy (kcal)           338           135 (6,8 %)

Fat (g)

         15,1           6,0 (8,6 %)
- of which saturated fats (g)                 2,5           1,0 (5,0 %)
Carbohydrates (g)          13,6           5,4 (2,1 %)
- of which sugar (g)            7,8           3,1 (3,5 %)
Dietary fibre (g)          33,3           13,3 (**)
Protein (g)          20,3           8,1 (16,2 %)
Salt (g)          0,02         <0,01 (<0,2 %)


nutrients and other substances:      per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  

Vitamin C (from acerola) 

       136 mg           54 mg (68 %)
Vitamin B12         4,0 µg           1,6 µg (65 %)
Iron         8,0 µg
          3,2 mg (23 %)
Zinc         5,7 mg           2,3 mg (23 %)
Caffeine (from guarana)        200 mg            80 mg (**)


Nutrition table POWER BALLS Focus

average nutritional values       per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  
Energy (kJ)          1579           632 (7,5 %)
Energy (kcal)           381           152 (7,6 %)

Fat (g)

          20,1           8,0 (11,5 %)
- of which saturated fats (g)                 4,7           1,9 (9,4 %)
Carbohydrates (g)          16,9           6,8 (2,6 %)
- of which sugar (g)          11,3           4,5 (5,0 %)
Dietary fiber (g)          25,6          10,2 (**)
Protein (g)          20,2           8,1 (16,2 %)
Salt (g)          0,82         0,33 (5,5 %)


nutrients and other substances:      per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  

Pantothenic acid 

       7,4 mg           3,0 mg (50 %)
Vitamin B12         3,7 µg           1,5 µg (59 %)
Panax ginseng extract        250 µg
         100 mg (**)


Nutrition table POWER BALLS Happiness

average nutritional values       per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  
Energy (kJ)          1498           599 (7,1 %)
Energy (kcal)           361           145 (7,2 %)

Fat (g)

          18,8           7,5 (10,7 %)
- of which saturated fats (g)                 6,9           2,8 (13,8 %)
Carbohydrates (g)          15,8           6,3 (2,4 %)
- of which sugar (g)          10,3           4,1 (4,6 %)
Dietary fiber (g)          29,3          11,7 (**)
Protein (g)          17,6           7,0 (14,1 %)
Salt (g)          0,01       <0,01 (<0,1 %)


nutritients and other substances      per 100 g         per 40 g (% RM*)  

Vitamin C (from Acerola)

       200 mg           80 mg (100 %)
Vitamin D3          10 µg           4,0 µg (81 %)
Vitamin B12         5,1 µg
          2,0 µg (81 %)
L-Tryptophan        961 mg          385 mg (**)


Percentages for nutrient reference values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011

** No nutrient reference values (NRV) available 


One pack contains six POWER BALLS. Together they weight 40 g, your maximum daily portion, which can ideally be eaten throughout the day. Open – Snack – Power up! Ideal for fighting the afternoon low or moodiness or as a kick before a sporting activity. Functional, smart snack for on the go.

Note: The Energy POWER BALLS have an increased caffeine content (200 mg caffeine/100 g). Not recommended for children and pregnant women!



Make sure that you always store the product in a dark, dry, and cool place.


Our tip:

The POWER BALLS are ideally complemented by KICKBAR, your energy bar with caffeine, AWAKE with vitamin B6 and VITAMIN D3 OIL.


2 Review(s) for "POWER BALLS"

Amandine, 14.08.2019
I only tried for now power balls and I would say they are quite delicious!! I would like to have moooore. 40g is about 135 kcal which is perfect for a snack with 3g of sugar and 8g of protein: let's go to the gym!
Great product
Esther , 16.04.2019
Awesome snack that gave me a boost of energy in the afternoon and tastes quite good too

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Do POWER BALLS have any side effects?

If you stick to the maximum daily dose (six balls), no unwanted effects will occur. Our POWER BALLS contain a whole lot of saturating fiber (oligofructose), which may cause slight flatulence in case of excessive consumption (more than the contents of a bag). This can be prevented by a general fiber-rich diet (pulses, seeds and nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables) and dividing the daily dose in two to three servings. If you want to eat more fiber in the future, be sure to increase the amount slowly so that your intestines can get used to it.

Can snacking be healthy?

A balanced and varied diet is the alpha and omega to give your best and really deliver. Both energy balance and the selection of the right foods are equally important. Snacking does not necessarily mean that you have to grab chocolate and cookies to stave off hunger. Delicious snacks can be healthy as well. Our POWER BALLS contain many filling fibers and proteins. Make sure to take breaks of up to four hours between snacking. It may not be healthy to eat constantly. This will put your insulin levels back into balance. Be aware and mindful of your snacking habits!

In addition to POWER BALLS, which snacks are suitable as a healthy snack in the office or on the go?

While on the go, you often pass many eating places that promise you quick satisfaction. Croissants, burgers, or currywurst are hastily consumed, but unfortunately only provide a seemingly full belly for the short term. After a while, your stomach will growl again and demand a "real" meal after consuming these “empty calories”. It does not have to come to that. Preparation is the magic word here. Is your day full of travel or is your calendar full of meetings? You can prepare your own Brainfood yourself with a few simple, simple tips: 1. Boiled eggs: ideal for on the go and full of satiating proteins. 2. Nuts and kernels: consist of proteins, healthy fatty acids, and polyphenols. Caution, a handful should be enough, as they contain a lot of energy. 3. Fresh fruit: Carrot, banana and co-bristling with vitamins and fiber that keep you fit.

If I eat Energy POWER BALLS, do I have to give up my coffee?

A pack of Energy POWER BALLS (six BALLS = maximum daily dose) together contain 80 mg of caffeine. The same amount of caffeine is contained in about two espresso. If you like to drink a lot of coffee, you should reduce your consumption if snacking on Energy POWER BALLS.

Are the POWER BALLS sweetened?

No extra sugar is added to our POWER BALLS. They contain natural sugar. For example, the Focus Balls contain dried apple bits, the Happiness Balls are peppered with Physalis, and the Energy Balls are sweetened with stevio glycosides from the leaves of the stevia plant.

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