As a brand we enable our customers to face the challenges of modern life with a sense of ease we feed their mind

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    Vegan vitamin and mineral mix

    • Smart nutrient complex for your vegan diet
    • Incl. Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12
    • Sufficient for 3 months

    Our synbiotic with new recipe

    • Supports your microbiome in stressful times
    • 20 bn. probiotic bacteria for a happy gut
    • Supports your digestion with calcium
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Our essentials for your daily performance

You want to start your day perfectly and at the same time give your body everything it needs to perform at its best? You know that a strong foundation is a basis for your success and you are burning to get everything out of you every day to reach your goals? The BRAINEFFECT ESSENTIALS provide you with important nutrients for every day and support you in your daily performance.

Wake Up. Perform. Succeed.

Stress less and concentrate on the important things in your life - your goals! With the BRAINEFFECT ESSENTIALS you create the perfect basis to start your day successfully and to call up your daily performance. Just give your body what it needs after getting up and focus on your success.

We provide you with micronutrients for your mental performance. Fuel for your body and mind. For optimal performance your body needs nutrients. The ESSENTIALS provide you with important micronutrients in the form of smart vitamin and mineral complexes. So you can call up and deliver your entire performance every day when it counts.


VITAMIN D3+ OIL is your daily dose of sunshine in liquid form. VITAMIN D3+ OIL is particularly suitable for office athletes who spend a lot of time in the office and only get a little sunshine to support the immune system.


MINERALS is the functional mineral mix for your daily success and the ideal supplement for high performers and athletes. Iron and zinc support your cognitive functions in demanding phases. Magnesium helps your nerves and reduces fatigue.


With ANTIOXIDANTS you get what your body needs even faster in stressful phases. The vitamin C in ANTIOXIDANTS protects your cells from oxidative stress, zinc supports your immune system. Get your daily smoothie without a mixer!


KRILL BOOST is the secret weapon to support your mental performance. With valuable EPA and DHA, KRILL BOOST supports you in strenuous phases such as sports or stress. DHA is important for normal memory function. EPA supports your heart.

All vegans needs

Especially for vegans, it is essential to be supplied with important nutrients and vitamins. The BRAINEFFECT ESSENTIALS provide you with important nutrients such as vitamin B12 and vitamin B2, which are difficult to obtain through a plant-based diet.

With the high-quality vitamin and mineral complexes, you as a plant lover ensure that you are provided with all the important nutrients for your vegan lifestyle even in stressful phases. Worry less and eat more plants!


VEGAN BASICS provides you with the most important vitamins and minerals for your vegan or plant-based lifestyle. The B vitamins B2 and B12 in VEGAN BASICS support your nerves and fight fatigue. Natural vitamin C from camu-camu fruit extract protects your cells from oxidative stress, while iron and zinc support your mental performance.


VEGAN OMEGA 3 provides you with bundled plant power made from natural, highly concentrated algae oil to support your immune system.

The unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in VEGAN OMEGA 3 support your heart and brain function for your cognitive performance.