As a brand we enable our customers to face the challenges of modern life with a sense of ease we feed their mind

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Our performance food gives you the energy you need during the day

No performance without energy. Thanks to their functional composition, our products always fulfill their purpose: to help you achieving your goals. High-quality macro and micro nutrients in a unique combination support your start in the day with more energy.

You are often tired and need mental and physical energy? Take a holistic approach to the problem

You need a lot of power to do everything you want to do. A meeting marathon in the morning. Project presentations in the afternoon and in the evening an extra gym session as compensation and to reduce stress. With such a daily routine you need a lot of energy.

In addition to good and sufficient sleep and an efficient structure at work, the right diet also helps you regulate your energy. In the moments when you need to concentrate, your brain uses a lot of energy.

This energy is needed to transmit stimuli and to enable productive thinking. So you can always do your best - in any situation. But what should you eat to increase your inner energy?

How do I get more energy? Hack your inner energy with THE formula for more power

Good fats play a more important role in this context than you think. As instead of glucose, you can also draw energy from the right fatty acids. This process is called ketosis.

The ketones contained in high-quality MCT oils such as caprylic acid (C8) – a medium-chain fatty acid – are used to generate energy. You have no idea of which foods contains C8? We have the solution for you.

ROCKET C8 gives you pure vegan power 100% obtained from coconuts. Real biohackers upgrade their ROCKET COFFEE in the morning with it and start the day with the power of a rocket with the ROCKET COFFEE KIT.

Get more energy! This is how you charge your empty battery properly

At BRAINEFFECT, we believe that success starts in your head and that you should rely only on the best products to achieve your goals. That is why we are only satisfied with the highest quality standards in product manufacture.

So you can fully rely on our products and focus on your performance with all your energy. Studies show the effectiveness of our ingredients and the good bioavailability. What are you waiting for? Get more energy and get started!