Neuro Enhancement - Good or Bad?

More and more people are experimenting with neuro enhancement. Sometimes the means used for this are worrysome, though. Learn how to do it the right way.

A study of modern neuro enhancement and what it can do for us is sure to be interesting. Today, many students, especially across North America, are trying to improve their intelligence with the help of prescription drugs that they have bought illegally. The question that arises is whether such form of neuro enhancement is worth it.

The use of stimulants (such as Adderall) that contain a mixture of amphetamine salts has often been prescribed for use on children/adults that are diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). Over the recent past, Adderall and even Ritalin (another stimulant) have been adopted in neuro enhancement.


High Functioning Drugs

Such drugs are high functioning and their use can easily lead to the user improving their mental functioning but it can also lead them to becoming overcommitted to such drugs. The trouble is that neuro enhancement at college campuses in America is a common occurrence and in fact these campuses have actually even been turned into testing laboratories.

Students that have been diagnosed with ADHD are being prescribed Adderall as a neuro enhancement solution. Taking fifteen milligrams of this drug every evening (after dinner, mostly) can guarantee a radical improvement in focus in the mind of the user. However, it can also lead to loss of ability to sleep for the required eight to ten hours daily.

Neuro Enhancement Drugs BrainEffect

Leads to Overdependence

Use of neuro enhancement drugs such as Adderall can lead to overdependence as has been seen in many an American college campus where such drugs are often prescribed solely as neuro enhancement solutions. When this drug is taken with plenty of coffee, the user will find it easier to concentrate better in their class and in meetings.

However, such neuro enhancement methods can lead to side effects such as speaking too fast and too thoroughly which is then followed by bouts silence. The life of a user of such neuro enhancement drugs can turn into a blurry existence and even eating can become problematic.


Modern campus life can involve an intense 24 hour work cycle. Life on campus often becomes more intense than a typical working person’s nine to five way of life. Students often start taking drugs such as Adderall to derive neuro enhancement benefits. All this is done with a view to excelling in academic study.


There is nothing wrong with trying to improve one’s mental performance. In fact, neuro enhancement can do much for a person – provided it is achieved the right way. Neuro enhancement will help you to:


  • Become an effective communicator
  • Become more productive
  • Learn the connection between behavior and good communication
  • Become more in control of your motor skills
  • Become more creative, energetic and be more focused
  • Limit destructive behavior

Neuro enhancement ought to be used to improve your mental abilities. However, when neuro enhancement is achieved using drugs such as Adderall there are many ill effects that one should be wary about. The best way to achieve neuro enhancement is by using dietary supplements based on natural ingredients. By improving your mental abilities through sound neuro enhancement methods, you can learn to be more resilient and be capable of taking better decisions. It will also contribute to making you feel more secure mentally.