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eSports Training: Supplements for Pro Gamers by BRAINEFFECT

From classic sports training, we know that by simply doing your sport, you'll eventually reach a performance plateau. According to the eSports study 2019 of the German Sport University Cologne, both Pro Gamers and a lot of Amateurs train an average of 28 hours a week by playing their game. So what distinguishes the Pro Gamer from the Amateur? We think it's the right mix of structured playtime, balanced nutrition, efficient recovery and physical activity! Train like a Pro Gamer now and achieve your maximum mental capacity by mastering these 4 areas of improvement:


Schalke 04 LoL Team on how to become a pro gamer



Areas of improvement


Not convinced yet? Then take a look at the 5 challenges that every Pro Gamer faces, our performance coach is the power-up that will help you to conquer them:


Challenge No. 1 Get better sleep

As a Pro Gamer you are exposed to immense physical and mental stress. The blue light that emits your screen is permanently suggesting to your body it's daytime, which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. In turn, you need sleep to give your body and mind the ability to process and automate the information, new keyboard shortcuts, and moves that you've learned throughout the day so that they will then be self-explanatory. Likewise, a Pro Gamers body needs regeneration, because when you play you are under strong tension, overnight your muscles can relax and get fit for the next day. Learn how to optimize your sleep to master your skills and get the most from your recovery time!


Challenge No. 2 Start exercising

As a Pro Gamer, most of your training hours take place in a sitting position. While your mind and your upper body part are in an absolute active state, the rest of your body plays a rather passive role. This can affect your mental performance, which can make the difference between winning or losing in a tight match! Learn now how to get the most out of your body through the right routines and alternative training that supports a better posture to become a Pro Gamer. 


Challenge No. 3 Spend more time in the sun

It's a cliché that Pro Gamers sit in their dark room and never see any sunlight. But this problem affects almost every one of us who sits in the office in front of the computer for 8 hours a day! The problem is that our body needs the direct exposure of the sun to produce most of the Vitamin D needed. Vitamin D is a real all-rounder as it's important for your bones, your immune system, the muscle function and the production of serotonin! Don't let your body go down so you can give 100 % in the game! Learn more about the Vitamin D and how it can support you becoming a Pro Gamer.


Challenge No. 4 Become more relaxed

Throughout an exciting match you will have ups and downs depending on your current performance in the game. Every muscle in your body is tense and you are 100 % focused on the game, actually good, or not? In such moments, your body releases stress hormones. These help you to be fully efficient in demanding situations such as escaping. Spilled over a longer period of time, however, they can have an opposite effect and make you distracted and unfocused. There is good stress, the so-called Eustress and bad stress, the so-called distress. Learn how to regulate stress to maximize performance in challenging game situations!


Challenge No. 5 Eat healthier

Everyone knows it, you are sitting in an exciting game and you do not have time to cook. So you sit in front of your screen and eat a pack of chips or put a pizza in the oven. To stay awake you drink another energy drink. Of course, this picture is more than stereotypical, yet even many Pro Gamers forget how important a balanced diet and hydration are for the perfect game. Our body has a certain need of nutrients and vitamins in order to  function optimally, which we can only get from an adequate intake of vegetables, carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein sources. Learn how to eat like a Pro Gamer without spending to much time on food preparation to stay totally focused in each game!


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