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Declare war on jetlag

  • With melatonin for faster falling asleep
  • Anti-Fatigue with vitamin B6
  • Individually adjustable
  • Ideal for people on the move
  • 100 % vegan and without additives
  • Made in Germany
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Delivery Time: 3-6 daysContains: 30 capsules (9,1 g), EUR 216,30/100 g

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  • Anti-jetlag
    Melatonin helps restore the natural day-night rhythm
  • Melatonin
    Reduces the time taken to fall asleep
  • Anti-fatigue
    With vitamin B6 to drive away fatigue
  • High bioavailability
    Absorbs substances well and quickly into the body
  • Made in Germany
    From controlled production in Germany
  • Vegan
    100 % vegan with no animal products


Did the jet lag on your last trip to Asia rob you of the first days of your holiday? Did it mean sleepless nights and unproductive morning meetings on your business trip to the USA? Or did you actually want to enjoy your holiday in total relaxation without constantly being tired or wide awake at exactly the wrong time? If so, ANTI-JETLAG can help you in the future.

You gain valuable time and reduce the negative effects of jet lag. How? Our innovative ANTI-JETLAG package is made up of two components: AWAKE, with the anti-fatigue vitamin B6 and SLEEP, the intelligent sleeping aid with melatonin. Both are at your side to help you adapt your day-night rhythm to the new time conditions. So you'll make the most of your trip!

How exactly does it work? We have put together a package for you that contains both activating AWAKE and sleep-promoting SLEEP tablets with melatonin in wonderfully practical single sachets. So you'll always know precisely what your exact daily intake looks like.

The AWAKE caffeine capsules are significantly smaller than comparable products and are therefore easy to take. The vitamin B6 contained in them helps you to stay awake in a calm and relaxed way and retain mental clarity. You decide how awake you want to be: 1 capsule contains as much caffeine as an average espresso. Note: in order to also be able to fall asleep again at the right time, do not take more than 4 capsules per day.

Can't fall asleep at night? With the SLEEP and the melatonin in it, you will sink into the land of dreams faster. It combines the natural sleep hormone along with proven ingredients such as magnesium, passionflower and lemon balm. The melatonin helps you wind down and rest. So that every morning you can start the new day in tip-top shape!

Numerous sportsmen and -women and jet setters already use ANTI-JETLAG. You too can benefit from our clinically proven ingredients and own your day!

ANTI-JETLAG gives you energy by day, and sleep by night. So you can get the most out of your trip! Your ideal companion to the other side of the world. Have a good flight!


AWAKE: The smart combination of the following ingredients

AWAKE contains a combination of powerful B vitamins that get your power-on mode going.


AWAKE: the interplay of caffeine and vitamin B6

When flying west, especially, and crossing several time zones, you often have to struggle with fatigue. The reason: your day "gets longer". If your eyes are falling shut at an impossible time, you can counteract this with vitamin B6. Since pure caffeine is often associated with negative side effects, we have also added the anti-fatigue vitamin to our AWAKE capsules. This provides the best conditions for you to devote yourself attentively to important tasks or your holiday activities.



The smart combination of the following ingredients

SLEEP contains the natural sleep hormone melatonin as well as other natural ingredients.


SLEEP: Melatonin – the sleep hormone to fall asleep faster

Are you still all jittery because your biorhythm is still working on the old-time? You'd rather play some sport than go to sleep now? SLEEP, with melatonin, helps your body wind down and sink into a well-deserved sleep. This is of paramount importance if you want to start the new day with fully-charged batteries. Your body normally produces this natural hormone all by itself when it gets dark. When the sun sets in the evening, the body begins to secrete it. The result: you get tired. However, when traveling to the other side of the world, your day-night rhythm gets all confused, which is why we have developed ANTI-JETLAG, so you can give it a helping hand. If you have enough melatonin available, you can fall asleep quickly. Pick up some ANTI-JETLAG now and make more out of your trip!


ANTI-JETLAG vs similar products

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Nutritional supplement with greentea extract, caffeine, minerals, vitamins, melatonin and plant extracts

30 capsules (10 SLEEP, 20 AWAKE)

SLEEP contains: magnesium, lemon balm leaf extract, passion flower extract, vegan plant capsule, microcrystalline cellulose (plant filler), black pepper extract, melatonin

AWAKE contains: greentea extract, caffeine, chlorella powder, rice extract, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B12


Nutrition table AWAKE

Ingredients    per capsules    % RM*    per daily dosis   % RM*  
greentea extract 67 mg ** 268 mg **
caffeine 40 mg ** 160 mg **
vitamin B6 2 mg 142% 8 mg 568%
vitamin B1 1,4 mg 127% 5,6 mg 508%
vitamin B12 1 µg 40% 4 µg 160%


Nutritional table SLEEP

Ingredients per 2 capsules (daily dose) %RM
melatonin                                                       1,0mg          **
magnesium 300mg 10%
lemon balm extract 300mg **
passion flower extract 300mg **
black pepper extract 11mg **
 - piperine 10mg **


 *Percentages for nutrient reference values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011
** No nutrient reference values (NRV) available 


SLEEP: Take 2 capsules approx. 90 to 60 minutes before bedtime with sufficient liquid. To reduce subjective feelings of jet lag: take 2 capsules before bedtime on the first day of travel and 2 capsules before bedtime at your destination, without chewing and with plenty of liquid.

AWAKE: You can dose the capsules based on your individual needs. We recommend not exceeding the daily dose of 160 mg of caffeine (4 capsules). Capsules should be taken with sufficient liquid.


Usage & duration of effects:

SLEEP can be taken both on a case-by-case basis and over the long-term. It takes effect straight away upon first ingestion. Longer-term use is possible. There are no known habituation effects.

You can dose AWAKE based on your individual needs. We recommend not exceeding the daily dose of 160 mg of caffeine (4 capsules). Corresponds to the amount of caffeine in 4 espressos. Capsules should be taken with sufficient liquid.



Store in a cool, dry, and dark place.



Our tip:

ANTI-JETLAG is ideally complemented with MOOD for daily well-being or with FOCUS plus vitamin B5 for mental power during the day.

Note: Food dietary supplements are not intended to be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use immediately before driving or undertaking heavy workloads.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from taking melatonin, as the study situation does not allow an assessment of the effects of long-term intake.

1 Review(s) for "ANTI-JETLAG"

need this product
Marc22, 26.03.2020
I think this product has a good idea concept, Im a frequent traveler and this works perfectly for me

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Which of the Anti-Jetlag capsules do I have to take if I am flying west?

When travelling west, e.g. to New York, the day "gets longer". So you get a few extra hours and need to bridge more time. If your eyes keep falling shut at the most inappropriate times, take AWAKE with plenty of water as necessary. One capsule contains the anti-fatigue vitamin B6 and as much caffeine as a cup of espresso. Dose with caution. Refrain from taking any caffeine at least 5 hours before going to bed.

Which of the Anti-Jetlag capsules do I have to take if I am flying east?

When travelling east, e.g. to Shanghai or Sydney, the day "gets shorter". It is therefore easier for you to stay awake at your destination than to force your body to sleep. If you have problems falling asleep at your destination, SLEEP with its melatonin can help you. Take at least 2 capsules shortly before bedtime with plenty of liquid. Continue to take at least one capsule before bedtime over the next few days to get your body used to the new rhythm.

How quickly does ANTI-JETLAG take effect?

For both AWAKE and SLEEP, it takes some time for you to feel the effects after ingestion. The reason: the capsules first have to dissolve in the stomach. This can take about 30 to 90 minutes. You should therefore be particularly careful with the caffeine capsules, and start with only 2 capsules. If still no effect has set in after about 1 hour, you can take two more capsules if necessary. Note that the effect cannot be compared to that of energy drinks. You'll be waiting a long time for a sudden, popping-awake reaction! Instead, AWAKE provides you with a long and continuous supply of energy.

What side effects might I notice from ANTI-JETLAG?

Remember not to take more than four AWAKE capsules per day in order to avoid unwanted side effects. You can also take SLEEP daily, because melatonin is 100 % safe. There is no risk of dependency and it is not possible to overdose. In other European countries and in the US, melatonin has been available as a gentle sleep aid for years and has been used millions of times by athletes, office professionals, and everyday heroes.

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