Immune System

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Especially during the cold season, a particularly hard workout or a stressful week in the office, your immune system needs an extra dose of support. Not only a good night's sleep but also the right mix of vitamins and minerals will help you. Strengthen your immune system and declare war on oxidative stress!

Our essentials for your daily performance

We are not minimalists, we are essentialists: With a balanced, nutritious diet, plenty of sleep and our carefully composed ESSENTIALS you get everything your body needs. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, the products in this bundle protect your immune system and boost your performance.

Support. Prevent. Protect.

Did you know that vitamin C, iron or calcium are among the most important nutrients of all? Deficiencies can lead to sports injuries, weaker mental performance or increased susceptibility to infections. Don't feel like it? Neither do we: that's why our products are particularly rich in vitamin C and essential minerals. Support, prevent, protect!

We provide you with micronutrients for your mental performance

Unlike macronutrients, micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are not stored in the body. It is therefore essential that you take them in regularly with your diet. Especially in the daily hustle of a high performer, this can be difficult. That's why we offer you powerful natural active ingredient complexes with selected micronutrients, which among other things ensure maximum bioavailability.


In winter almost every third German shows a vitamin D deficiency. It is mainly formed on the skin by exposure to UVB rays and is only present in food in very low concentrations. A deficiency can make people tired and lack drive. So even in winter, let the sunshine in with liquid sunrays of vitamin D3 and K2!


Your recipe for success for a day full of focus: MINERALS, our powerful mineral mix. Iron and zinc push your cognitive function, magnesium and calcium from the sea support your muscles. So you can easily keep your mental and physical performance at the top level.


With a daily dose of antioxidants from fruit and vegetables and an extra dose of vitamin C, your body can cope with even the most stressful times. The immune defense remains strong, stressors are neutralized immediately. Step on the gas and tell free radicals to fight the fight with ANTIOXIDANTS, our smoothie in capsule form.


Nothing is as important for your cognitive performance as the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. They are found in algae, cold-water fish and crustaceans, among other things. The two performance fatty acids are particularly highly concentrated in the small crustacean krill. KRILL BOOST supports your brain function and, unlike comparable products, comes without any annoying fish taste.


Health begins in the intestines: the delicate balance of intestinal bacteria is a decisive factor for the functioning of your immune system. With 13 billion living bacteria cultures, essential calcium and the power vitamins B12 and B6, we ensure that you always master your everyday life with a good gut feeling.


This chocolate coconut shake provides you with an extra dose of vegetable protein and can even replace a complete meal! Sunflower, pea and hemp give your body new energy even after the most strenuous workout. Magnesium calms your nerves and our unique Night Time Blend with extracts of berry, passion flower and lemon balm will finally get you down.


The valuable sleep hormone melatonin reduces the time to fall asleep shortly before going to bed. Good sleep is central to the normal functioning of mental performance, the body's own stress response and the functioning of the immune system. With SLEEP SPRAY you bring the melatonin into your bloodstream particularly quickly, as absorption through the mucous membranes increases its bioavailability.


Boost your immune system with vitamin C to combat oxidative stress and vitamin B12 for a balanced psyche. With valuable vitamin D and L-tryptophane, you will also ensure an extra portion of happiness every day. Get some MOOD!


Recharge to stay healthy: High-quality amino acids, vitamin B6 and the all-rounder zinc support your immune system and ensure your top performance. Provide your body with a steep base for regeneration directly after training. The powerful mix of active ingredients with magnesium for muscle function helps your body to quickly regain its strength even after particularly high exertion.

For the vegans

No matter whether you are exercising or working in the office: if you want to outperform in the long term, the daily mix of vitamins and minerals is non-negotiable. As a vegan high achiever, however, it is difficult to cover some micronutrients in your diet. Therefore we have developed our vegan line.


Keep your vitamins and minerals under control: this smart nutrient complex provides you with vitamins B2 and B12, which are particularly critical for vegans, as well as an extra dose of vitamin C from the exotic power fruit Camu Camu. The ideal daily nutrient mix in a vegan capsule.


If you don't eat fish, it is naturally more difficult to cover your daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. With VEGAN OMEGA 3, however, this is a thing of the past: the valuable performance fatty acids DHA and EPA can also be obtained from algae! Fill up with vegan brainpower every day and support your immune system in its fight against viruses and bacteria with the power of high-quality seaweed.